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Tableau Mastery Series - Hands-On Training with Ablaze Group's George Peck

Tableau Certification Prep

This month's Tableau Training Tip: Opening and Interacting with Workbooks

Let's learn!

Exploring Tableau Desktop (Level 1) - only from The Ablaze Group

      Here's the Agenda:
            Data Visualization
            Geographic Mapping
            Date/Time Analysis
            Customized Calculations
            Quick Table Calculations
            Interactive Dashboards
            Guided Analysis with Stories
            Choosing the Best Chart Type
            Final Project - use everything you learned!

Enhanced Tableau Desktop (Level 2) - an Ablaze Group exclusive

Here's a preview of what we'll be covering!.
      The Agenda:
            Review Refresher
            Tooltip Customization
            Statistical References and Forecasting
            Customized Mapping Options
            Animating Data
            Calculated Fields and Table Calculations
            Advanced Dashboards
            Data Source Options
            Data Visualization Best Practices
            Final Project - time to show off your skills!

Tableau: The Official Guide - classic self-paced learning!
2-Day Visual Analysis with Tableau Server - An Ablaze Group Exclusive!
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Ablaze Group Tableau Training and Enablement

Testimonials - see what our customers are saying!

So Much Better Than Trying To Learn On My Own

I attended George’s Intermediate Tableau class and it was so much better than trying to learn
stuff on my own. It’s also great to be able to have a teacher who clearly has experience with
Tableau because you get to pick up on the little time and sanity saving tips to make your life easier.
Definitely recommend this class for anyone who is struggling to learn some topics on their own!
- Jesse Assenmacher, Systems Administrator, Gershow Recycling

Loved this Class!

Great job and venue – loved this class!
- Ryan Kollmann, Lead Data Integration Consultant, Kaiser Permanente

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