Tableau Guided Evaluation: the BEST way to "test drive" Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.

In two short weeks, you'll see for yourself, in your BI and reporting environment,
with your data, the ease, power and versatility of Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop.
Questions answered, concerns addressed, decision-makers convinced!

Here's how Tableau Guided Evaluation works:

Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop Supported Accelerated Two-Week Assessment

Content Hosted on Tableau Server in Your Environment

Production-Ready Deliverables

Working Proof of Concept Based on Your Requirements

Dashboards and Visualizations Built Using Your Data

Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server Configured to Your Specifications

Tableau Guided Evaluation actively demonstrates the impact that Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop
have on the way organizations do business. You'll have production-ready deliverables that change the way
you look at your data, make business decisions, and rely on Tableau's predictive analysis to plan for the future.
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