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Box Plots

aren't used as frequently as bar, pie and line charts. However, they excel at displaying the distribution of data over a range. You can easily determine where the heaviest concentration of data elements is in the range, and optionally, you can easily identify outliers. Although there are variations of a box plot, there are a common elements in all cases:
            The "box" portion of the box plot consists of lines indicating percentiles: the 75th percentile (or upper quartile), the 50th percentile (or median), and the
            25th percentile (or lower quartile). The portion between the top and bottom lines is shaded, which indicates where 50 percent of the distribution is concentrated.
            There are indicators of the maximum and minimum value in the range. The maximum and minimum, as well as values in between, can be represented
            as individual marks or as a solid line connecting them.

A variation of the box plot adds whiskers, lines that denote some value at the top and bottom of the distribution. Whiskers allow a wider evaluation of distribution of data points beyond the box. In some cases, whiskers denote the minimum and maximum (which would have been a good application with the Basic Box Plot shown below). However, other variations place whiskers at low and high percentiles, but not at minimums and maximums. This type of whisker use is ideal when identifying outliers that fall outside of whisker percentiles.

The Box Plot is only one of Tableau's many chart types. Think about the reports your organization's decision-makers rely on. Then imagine the possibilities with Tableau.
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