In the beginning (mid-1980s) The Cunningham Group of Vancouver, BC, Canada, founded Crystal Services, which resulted in the creation of the insanely successful, pervasive and ubiquitous Crystal Reports. By 1992, Crystal Reports worked not only with accounting system data, but with just about any data. Based on its versatility, and some extremely masterful marketing, Crystal Reports was bundled into 800 or so IT products. In 1996, Seagate Technology bought Crystal Reports. Along about that time, IT professionals began hearing about, and using, Seagate Info and Seagate Enterprise. Seagate Technologies later became known as Crystal Decisions, and introduced Crystal Enterprise and Crystal Analysis to the reporting world. BusinessObjects acquired Crystal Decisions in 2003. SAP bought BusinessObjects in 2008.

Through it all, Ablaze Group adapted, grew, learned, while increasing knowledge, skills, experience, product lines and services offerings.
Crystal Reports: The Complete Reference, by Ablaze Group's George Peck, for versions 7.0, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 10, XI and 2008, with chapters devoted to Seagate Info, Seagate Analysis, Crystal Info, Crystal Enterprise, Crystal Server.
It's been an exciting and very intersting journey.

The Ablaze Group has been designing and delivering enterprise solutions since the mid-1990s. Our enterprise reporting solution experience began with Seagate Info 7 and continues with BusinessObjects, BusinessObjects Edge, BOE and SAP Crystal Server. Clients call on us, rely on us, to be their trusted business technology advisor and knowledge partner. We carefully guide customers through the entire software cycle: analysis and recommendation, licensing and configuration, purchase, deployment and implementation, training, optimization, troubleshooting, and periodic BI and reporting environment check-ups.
We don't just sell you the software, we show you the ins and outs, the how, when and why of BusinessObjects Edge and BusinessObjects Enterprise.


Four Powerful SAP BusinessObjects BI Edge Choices for Mid-Sized Organizations, Agencies, Departments:
         Edge with Data Management
         Edge Standard Package
         Edge Analytics Edition
         Edge with Data Integration
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What We Do, How We Do It

Online - Success and progress via the web.
Onsite - Solving problems, moving forward, together at every milestone.

New to BusinessObjects Edge/Enterprise or Simply Need Help? - Rock solid results that deliver improved accuracy, reliabity, speed.
Design and Deliver - Reports, applications, dashboards, data exploration, business intelligence.
Upgrades and Migrations - Moving your organization forward flawlessly, seamlessly.
Deployment - With you every step of the way to meet your 'go live' date.
Workshops, Mentoring and Refresher Sessions - Satisfy your learning wish lists.
Needs Analysis - Where you are today, where you want to be, and the best way to get there.
Strategic Planning - Setting direction, planning for success.
Best Practices Reviews and Check-ups - Bringing your BI and reporting environment up to speed.
Project Management - Short on resources? We've got you covered. We'll keep you on task, on schedule to meet your deadlines.
Buy It By The Block Packages - Each project is unique and individually estimated in blocks of hours.
Weekly Usage Reports - Emailed to you, this detailed report shows number of hours used and how, and hours remaining.
Software Sales and Maintenance Renewal - Licensing based on your reality, your needs, your budget.

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