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Case v If-Then-Else Logic, When to Use Them, How They Differ

The most common type of logical test capability comes in the form of If-Then-Else logic, typically found in most standard
software programs. Tableau calculated fields at minimum, require use of IF, THEN, and END keywords. ELSE and ELSEIF
keywords are required only for multi-condition tests.

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A modified form of test logic uses the CASE/WHEN/THEN/END construct (the ELSE keyword is only required if a "catch all"
result is desired). Similar to IF/THEN/ELSE logic, CASE logic tests a single field or expression and returns different results
for each condition. In some cases, IF/THEN/ELSEIF/END will be required if multiple tests are needed. However, for a single
test with many results, CASE logic may be easier to read and modify.

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Case and If/Then/Else are powerful Tableau logic constructs.

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